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Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects, in collaboration with students from the Tohoku University of Art and Design, have recently completed a renovation project for Kameya Inn. The Hourai project was intended to demonstrate the attractiveness of the region’s tradition and beauty by mobilizing local students and revitalizing rooms on the top floor of the inn.

Located on the coast of Yamagata prefecture (Tohoku), the Kameya Inn is rooted in a deep 130-year history. Even the imperial family have been known to stay there. I love the modern take (notably the unexpected details like the solid wood table without legs) on the traditional Japanese aesthetic.

Not only was the inn spared from the destruction caused by the Tohoku earthquake, immediately after the disaster the inn began accepting evacuees who had lost their homes, providing them with meals and lodging. Typically rooms range between 23,100 – 32,000 yen per night (per person).

What a great way for students to gain real-life training and experience!

source: architecturephoto | houyhnhnm | Kameya Inn