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Arts collective NAM has collaborated with Numabooks – a group of creatives whose medium of choice is the book – to create a mobile pop-up shop. Titled Numabookface, the installation, which originally appeared during their solo exhibition “A Fantasy In Life,” is now on display at the Ikijiri Institute of Design (IID) through July 31. Check out their blog for more pictures.

Books are 1800 yen for 5 and 9800 yen for fifty. However, don’t go in expecting to pick for yourself. The process, akin to some form of neurological experiment, is participatory but largely tilted towards the host. Based on 1 simple question, “Tell me about yourself,” the host will select the books for you and you will receive a special package in the mail several days later.

What I find fascinating with this work is that the visual effect of books as art, combined with the conceptual process of curating reading material, elevates the typical book to a much higher, almost devine, form.

numabooks × NAM “NUMABOOKFACE”
Ikijiri Institute of Design (IID)
05.31.2011 – 07.31 (closed on Mondays)
11:00 – 19:00

source: NAM blog
(thanks Nakazawa-san!)


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  2. @Shelf Appeal – what an awesome thing to say! thanks so much!

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