images are all courtesy japan-architects, who visited the open house in early May.

Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka is master of the unconventional. Whether he’s designing igloo-looking noodle shops or amazing homes that flip the indoors for the outdoors, Hosaka is continually pushing architectural boundaries with his shape-shifting projects. House in Zushi is his latest home – completed just last month – and uses recessed flooring as a unique method for ensuring privacy.

Those slabs of concrete that you see in the windows are actually the ceilings of each story or, if you prefer, the floor of the above story. Confusing? Have a look at the architectural model.

The curved floors allow for sunlight to enter each room, while also creating a significant barrier between residents and neighbors. Although I have a feeling the interesting house will only attract more eyes.

I’m not convinced that this is the most efficient way to maximize space, but it certainly creates in interesting interior, which will, in turn, undoubtedly create interesting sitting positions.

source: japan-architects