inside out by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Usually when it rains inside a home the reaction is distress, followed by anger and then lawsuits. However, not for Takeshi Hosaka Architects, who’s latest home, “inside out,” was designed for a couple and their two cats, all who wanted the freedom to go in and out while always remaining within their home. The home’s bedrooms and bathrooms are surrounded by a membrane of carefully designed openings that allow wind, light, sun and rain to enter into that section of the home.

As it turns out, Takeshi Hosaka Architects knows a thing or two about bringing the outdoors, in. If you don’t believe me check out the other posts we’ve done on the architect. He is clearly very interested in the relationship between habitat and environment.



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  1. It’s visually stunning, but I assume only for tropical or semitropical settings. When it snows, you want walls with airtight seals and insulation.

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