9h Capsule Hotel Launches New Sauna Hotel

all photos by Nacasa & Partners Inc. courtesy the architects

9h is stylish and futuristic take on Japan’s capsule hotels. Featuring tiny pods large enough for just 1 person to sleep, 9h has proven popular and has since grown to 6 different locations since launching in 2010. Now, they’re hoping to reach an even broader clientele by adding a sister brand (pronounced do-she) that offers sauna and accommodation.

the reception desk

women are on floors 7-9 while men are on floors 3-6

Their very first location, which opened last month, is located just steps from Ebisu Station in central Tokyo. Whereas the 9h locations were designed from the bottom up, ℃ took an existing capsule hotel and renovated it to, in the words of the architect, “eradicate the image of the old capsule hotel by changing the interior and surroundings, while keeping the existing capsules as they are.” The architect, Jo Nagasaka, used the retro beige of the existing capsules and extended it throughout the space using a combination of plywood, hinoki wood and concrete to create a powerful new identity for the brand.

The sauna also pays tribute to its Finnish roots and promotes a popular method called “löyly” in Finland. Essentially, it’s a 3-step process of heating up your body in the sauna, cooling down in water and resting. By repeating this cycle your blood vessels expand and contract, creating a feeling of refreshed balance.

The standard rate is 3900 yen per night. For 1900 yen you can also just use the facilities for 2 hours.

inside the sauna

TOTO’s “warm pillar” showers offer cooldowns at several different set temperatures

sauna, cool down, rest, repeat. Gotta love simple signage

the beige color scheme extends into the resting room

despite the lack of privacy, you’re almost guaranteed a good rest after all that sauna

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  1. This looks awesome! I remember trying 9 hours in Kyoto and was excited to see them at the Narita Airport. Looks like there are some new options to try and share how it goes!

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