Spoon & Tamago began publishing in 2007 and for the last 13 years have dedicated the site to highlighting Japanese arts & crafts and authentically communicating elements of Japanese culture abroad. We want to continue doing this so today we’re reaching out to you – our readers. Maybe you’ve been reading since the early days. Maybe you just discovered us. Either way, today we’re thrilled to be able to offer a new way to deepen our relationship, support Spoon & Tamago, and, ultimately, develop a sustainable path to elevating and preserving the Japanese arts: the Spoon & Tamago Membership Program.

To be clear, we’re not putting up a paywall. It’s vitally important to us that the majority of our content – including our daily blog posts and weekly newsletter – remain free to all. It’s simply a new way for readers to support Spoon & Tamago, on a much deeper level. Here are the 3 membership tiers we’re offering:

($5 / month)
($50 / year)
($500 / lifetime)

What you get when you become a Spoon & Tamago Member

All membership levels include the following benefits & perks:

  • 72 Seasons Newsletter
    Our new 72 Seasons Newsletter follows Japan’s ancient calendar of 72 microseasons. Around every 5 days you’ll receive a new microseason in your inbox, describing the subtle yet special changes that are constantly occurring all around us. We also use the microseason to reflect upon a piece of Japanese artwork and share a food or recipe based on the corresponding seasonal food. Think of it as a quick Japanese class, art class and a cooking class all in one! (want to see more? here’s a sample)
  • Members-only Content
    • Studio Visits – art collectors love our studio visits! Deep, personal dives into the creative spaces where artwork comes to life. We’ve interviewed many of Japan’s greatest artists, before they became household names.
    • Quarterly Features – longer-form articles that focus on specific topics like Mt. Fuji and Japanese trains.
    • Residency Program – a portion of your membership will be earmarked towards supporting an annual initiative to bring one Japanese artist from Japan to New York for a residency and exhibition, which members will receive updates on.
    • Periodical artist talks and lectures on various aspects of Japanese arts & crafts.
  • Shop Discounts and Special Offers
    Members will receive advance notice and discounts on all new products coming to the shop. Members will also receive special discounts ahead of certain holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
  • Ad-free Reading Experience
    Active members will not see banner advertising on Spoon & Tamago when logged into their account.

Lifetime Tamago members will receive this exclusive S&T tote bag
(you’ll be able to choose which design you prefer)

THANK YOU for reading up until this point. This is the future of Spoon & Tamago and we hope you’ll join us in being a part of it. We have a bit more information over on our official membership page so feel free to check that out as well.