Introducing the Spoon & Tamago Tokyo Guide

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Throughout all the years of blogging, one of the most common emails we’ve gotten is, “hey I’m going to Tokyo. What should I do?” And as guilty as we feel, we were simply unable to to respond to these many requests. But we felt like something needed to be done because it was clear that people wanted something a but more customized than your average tour guide. So today we’re happy to announce Spoon & Tamago’s Tokyo Guide.

The guide is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Custom, curated guides by long-term Tokyo residents. These guides are meant to be intimate, deep-dives into Tokyo’s many small neighborhoods. They’re created in Jauntful and are readable, shareable and printable.
  2. A continuously updated, interactive selection of hot spots and best-kept secrets. We’ve taken all the places we love (and think you’ll love) and divided them into 6 different categories: New, Eat, Shop, Relax, Play and Art Shows.

Play around with the Tokyo Guide and let us know what you think! We hope you like it.


  1. This is so great – thank you for the recommendations!
    Will there be an opportunity for other Tokyoites and readers of Spoon & Tamago to submit maps of their favorite spots as well?

  2. @Emily – For now the guides for submission are invitation only, but that’s an interesting idea and we’ll certainly consider it for the future!

  3. This is fantastic – thank you!

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