Ver 2.0 (2014)

Ver 1.5 (2011)

Ver 1.0 (2007)

Just about 8 years ago I started the Spoon & Tamago blog by declaring my love for a Japanese interior design store. Since then, the blog has taken on a life of its own with special features, studio visits and even a shop. Surprisingly, the site itself has remained fairly constant with only one redesign in 2011. But the tides of technology change and I’ve been feeling like the blog was due for another redesign, which I’m happy to announce today.

New features include:

  • New look and feel (duh)
  • Responsive, mobile friendly site
  • is a new tumblr site where you’ll find links to all our articles, but also a bunch of other lovely tidbits that didn’t make it to the main site
  • A bunch of other stuff under the hood that should support a better browsing and reading experience


And while I have you attention, it’s kind of poetic that we just surpassed 20K fans on Facebook. So Thank You!

Special thanks to Benjamin Thomas from Bento Graphics and illustrator Naho Ogawa who helped make this all happen!