It’s not what it seems | painted food disguised to look like other food



When not creating hyper-realistic body paintings, Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho points her paintbrush to ordinary food lying around her house. In a playful series aptly titled “It’s not what it seems,” Choo-san (as she is called) paints over foods like bananas, tomatoes and eggs, creating a brilliant disguise that presents her subjects as entirely different food.



The series is certainly a lot more light-hearted than her recent campaign to raise awareness for sexual exploitation. But aside from being mere eye-candy the series, on a deeper level, encourages us to look beyond what we see on the outer layers as it can be very misleading.


July 2014

hikaru-cho_1280 hikaru-cho-0lBJB11ro51udo4_1280

source: junk culture

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