coin lockers at Fuchu Station along the Keio Line in Tokyo

Watch out Amazon! Japanese bookstore Keibundo will begin offering a new service starting May 23, 2017. The “Same-Day Pickup Service” works like this: simply place your order online before 1:00pm. Indicate the train station you use (presumably the one you live at) and your order will be delivered to a coin locker at that train station, where it can be picked up after 6:00pm on your way home.

Customers will receive a code on their phone that opens the coin locker. For those who favor real books over e-books, and want to pretend they’re a spy engaged in illicit activities, this could be a fun way get your books.

But the service is so far limited to just a handful of train stations along the Keio Line in Tokyo. There are more details about the new service here.

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