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Hanabunko is a small flower vase shaped like a book. It seamlessly integrates into your shelves while adding a dash of life to your collection of books. It works as a divider or, of course, simply a flower vase. The round hole in the center functions is a grip, but also as a stopper for longer flowers. It’s new in the Spoon & Tamago Shop, and was designed by Fumiaki Goto, who also created these marvelous travel companion soaps.

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The name Hanabunko is derived from the words hana, meaning flower, and bunko, or bunkobon, Japanese small-format paperback books designed to be affordable and portable. Most bunkobon sizes are standardized at A6 (105×148mm or 4.1″×5.8″), the same size as the vase. The packaging design of each vase is intended to replicate the common dust wrapper that the books come in. It can either be left on, or removed.

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