Japanese Designer New Year’s Cards of 2022

Happy New Year! And welcome to the roaring year of the tiger. As tradition holds, here at S&T we like to start off the new year by admiring some New Year’s cards (nangajo) created by some of our favorite Japanese artists and designers. We actually began this tradition 12 years ago in 2010 so this is the first year we’re coming full circle!

We hope everyone has a brave and confident new year!

Toru Asai

Let’s kick off the round-up with this bright and energetic card from graphic designer Toru Asai.

Hiroki Takeda

Watercolor painter Hiroki Takeda used his signature flora & fauna style to create this colorful tiger.

Baku Maeda

This flaming tiger from Hokkaido-based artist Baku Maeda is heating us up.

Sataka Shunsuke

Illustrator Sataka Shunsuke used his signature pastel palette to create this adorable card.


Energetic and impactful. From illustrator Kou.


A very kawaii nengajo from illustrator parico.

Miwa Komatsu

A deity-inspired tiger from artist Miwa Komatsu.

Haruka Aramaki

This illustration from designer Haruka Aramaki riffs on the Japanese fable “Ikkyu-san and the Tiger”.

Bento Graphics

Our friends at Bento Graphics always come up with the cutest gifs!

Hisao Ohmae

We’re loving this ferocious card from illustrator Hisao Ohmae.

Hayao Miyazaki

Adorable. We always like the slacker vibes from Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli.

Sayaka Terashima

A daruma tiger by illustrator Sayaka Terashima (created for printing company Sougou Shouken).

Sho Shibuya

We’re loving this minimal card by designer Sho Shibuya (created for his parents).

Junji Ito

From horror mangaka Junji Ito.


In annual Spoon & Tamago tradition, we choose just one anime-inspired card to close out the round-up. This one is from LACK.

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