Japanese Designer New Year’s Cards of 2018

Happy New Year of the Dog! Many readers will be familiar with our annual tradition here at Spoon & Tamago of choosing some of our favorite designer New Year’s cards of 2018. We began this tradition in 2010 (if you’re interested in going back in time, here are the archives) so we’re slowly making our way to having a full 12-zodiac animal archive! Now prepare yourself for lots of tail-wagging and howling as we post our favorites, in no particular order.

MUJI surprised us this year with a lovely, minimal illustration of a dog wagging its tail

We loved this card by Haruka Aramaki

Illustrator and designer Mayo’s retro-inspired New Year’s card

Minoru Arita’s simple but pop depiction of the first sunrise over Mt. Fuji

Illustrator Senraku created this colorful version of a komainu, the lion-dog guardian deity

Simple but cute. From Pompette, the creators of Nihongo Flashcards

Created by the designer Mikiji, this card folds up to resemble a minimal dog. Do you see it?

Naho Ogawa, who illustrates all of our graphics, created this howling card

The Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong and his team always creates over-the-top movie-poster-inspired cards. This year they delivered once again!

we always like to include at least one anime-inspired nengajo. This one is from illustrator LAM

the designer and artist Yasuhiro Suzuki created this simple but adorable illustration of a person diving into the whirlpool tail of a shiba

a calming and peaceful illustration from sakki

From Individual Locker: can you spot the kanji characters for 2018 (二〇一八) that create a minimal sunrise over Mt. Fuji?

a fun, pixelated amidakuji game from Miki. Can you spot all the different dogs? There’s a beagle, a poodle, a shiba, a dachshund, a sheltie and a corgi.

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  1. As always Asia especially Japan has a unique style, animated very thematic I look forward to seeing what comes in this 2018, including the auctions of the Prado Museum that begin in February and whose success will make the idea last, with obas of artists like Pérez Kiko, Navarro Sonia, Meseguer Rosell, Gabino Amaya Cacho, Martín Silva Nacho, and more.

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