It’s become a tradition of some sort. Each year we share with you a selection of Japanese designer Holiday/New Year’s cards. Here is the 2013 edition. (keep in mind, 2013 is the year of the snake!)

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2013 New Years cards Sano Kenjiro

An awesome snake-like paper clip card from graphic designer Kenjiro Sano.


A New Year GIF by Kota Iguchi.



2013 holiday cards - TNSK chroma of wall

A slightly risque card from illustrator TNSK.

2013 holiday cards - akihiro kumagaya 2 2013 holiday cards - akihiro kumagaya

Once again product designer Akihiro Kumagaya has created a minimal wallpaper for iPhone or iPad that works with your icons to spell out 2013. You can download it here.

2013 holiday cards - BCXSY

BCXSY sent us this New Year’s sunrise from Tonoaki Island in Okinawa. Yes, we are jealous.

2013 holiday cards - NAM

Another creative “2013” from design collective NAM.

2013 holiday cards - shunji yamanakal

A clever and humorous card from industrial designer Shunji Yamanaka.

2013 holiday cards - KDA

Snake Oil, from Klein Dytham Architecture. How that suspicious liquid made it through border patrol? I’m not entirely certain.

2013 holiday cards - Studio_01

A card from architect duo Studio_01.

2013 holiday cards - suppose design office

From Makoto Tanijiri of Suppose Design Office.

2013 holiday cards - Tatzu Nishi

A christmas card from Tatzu Nishi.


And as a bonus: this card from my friend and illustrator Aaron Stewart.