Japanese Designer New Years Cards 2014

Every year around this time we share with you a selection of Japanese designer Holiday/New Year’s cards (all previous years). Here is the 2014 edition, which should also serve as a reminder that this year is the year of the horse. Happy New Year!

This first card is from Tatsuo Horiuchi, the Excel spreadsheet artist. And yes, this card was created entirely in Microsoft Excel.


A cute illustrated card from Nagoya-based graphic design firm creun, inc.

2014 NYcards - creun

Each year Tomoko Azumi of TNA Design Studio uses her prized stamp collection to compose a card.

2014 NYcards - TNA design studio

Visual artist Tabaimo came up with a rather morbid New Years greeting. The bones and hear spell out the characters for 2014.

2014 NYcards - tabaimo

Botanic artist Makoto Azuma put together a floral arrangement that resembles a horse.

2014 NYcards - makoto azuma

A horse-themed card from Spoon & Tamago friend and illustrator Naho Ogawa.

2014 NYcards - naho ogawa

This one is from Japanese Techno-pop group Denki Groove.

2014 NYcards - denki groove

Creative Director Kenjiro Sano used a mathematical formula based on the numbers 2014, to create an image of a horse.

2014 NYcards - Kenjiro Sano

Creative Director Keisuke Unosawa opted for the cowboy/cowgirl motif.

2014 NYcards - keisuke unosawa

It’s not a New Year’s card, but it was too good to pass up. Twitter user @jj_akichan made this otoshidama envelope based on one of Japan’s most popular memes of 2013: O-MO-TE-NA-SHI

2014 NYcards - jj_akichan

Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong created a movie poster featuring his team. They drove down to a farm in Chiba and even rented a real horse for the shoot. Talk about going the extra mile!

2014 NYcards - Irwin Wong

Also not a New Year’s card, but Hiroshima-based Hyphen Design created a gorgeously minimal 2014 calendar as a greeting. It’s easy to use and free for anyone to download and print. Grab yours HERE (PDF).

2014 NYcards - hyphen calendar

A colorful greeting card from felt sculptor Hine Mizushima.

2014 NYcards - Hine Mizushima

Graphical greatness from Sasaki Shun.


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  1. That business card design looks like the kanji for horse, rather than simply the shape itself. i think it’s great!

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