Japanese Designer New Years Cards 2011

Pursuant to last year’s collection, here are some Japanese designer New Years cards that were done for 2011.

I love the unconventional sizing that Bob Foundation decided to work with for their card.

Tokujin Yoshioka

Masahiro Minami pays homage to his work in ceramics during 2010, while looking towards the new year.

For his New Years greeting card, Akihiro Kumagaya created this simple wallpaper for iPhone/iTouch that, when set as your background, creates a 2011 out of your apps. It comes in red and black and can be downloaded HERE.

Architectural fim GENETO

UK-based ceramic artist Reiko Kaneko

Tomoko Azumi of the UK-based TNA Design Studio

Kaori Sohma, creative director at the Brooklyn-based production company Lifelong Friendship Society.

Graphic designer Takeo Nakano

The award for effort goes to Eiji Sumi of DesignWater, who spent the entire last 4 days of 2010 creating customized cards for every single recipient. Respect!


  1. Bob Foundation always comes with interesting idea. I love the cookies and that last one by design water too. Design water got nice website also 😮

    Anyway, happy new year Johnny, hopefully this year will be another wonderful year for you and your family 🙂

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