Happy New Year of the rat! It’s the first zodiac animal in the cycle of twelve that happens to be kicking off the new decade so in many senses it feels like a new beginning. The rat is known for its ability to perpetuate offspring, so perhaps this will be the year that Japan’s low birthrate reverses. It was also known has a helper to the god of 5 grains, and is therefore associated with bountiful harvests.

It’s become a tradition here at Spoon & Tamago to share some of our favorite New Year’s cards and wishes from artists and designers, so prepare for an onslaught of rats, both big and small, cute and creepy. (and of course you can find our archives right here)

we loved this card from Studio Ghibli, illustrated by their very own Hayao Miyazaki

this minimal, grey card from art director Ren Takaya

we loved this adorable card from Rie Isono

we don’t typically share cards from brands but we make an exception for MUJI

miniature artist Tatsuya Tanaka chose an homage to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

artist feebee chose to create the rat-looking beast using parts from all 12 zodiac animals

illustration studio enokoro created this adorable 2020 card using all different species of rodents

simple but cute, from illustrator Hama House

this great gif from our friends at Bento Graphics

illustrator Ryo Takemasa decided to celebrate with a different type of rodent
minimal greatness from Mikiji Nagai in this card the folds to create a geometric outline of a mouse

and of course our collection wouldn’t be complete without 1 anime-inspired card, this year from lack