Japanese Designer New Year’s Cards of 2019

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a peaceful start to 2019. We kicked off the year of the boar by getting sick, which was hopefully the last illness of this year. And it’s delayed us from publishing some of our favorite Japanese designer New Year’s cards, or nengajo, as they’re called. We’ve got gifs, miniatures and traditional illustrations but there’s one thing these cards all have in common: boar!

We loved miniatures artist Tatsuya Tanaka‘s landscape using paper fans and a family of boars

we loved this stunning, minimal card from art director Ren Takaya

Graphic designer Mikiji Nagai’s card arrives flat but with instructions…
…to roll up the card, which reveals a minimalist image of a boar

this colorful, retro illustration from Kyoto-based Kyoko Nakamura

Kaiju designer Kisen imagined the boar as a destructive moster
we loved this adorable little board from MUJI
this card from illustrator AKA
Tokyo-based photography studio Irwin Wong always does a movie-poster-inspired card that never disappoints!

Our friends at Bento Graphics made this adorable gif

this colorful card from Yokohama-based illustrator Sayaka Terashima

as is customary here, we always include 1 anime-inspired card, this year from light novel writer and illustrator Shirabi

And that concludes our round-up for 2019, the year of the boar. We’ve been doing these since 2010 (when it was the year of the tiger) and you can find all the archives right here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I also started the new year by being sick. But these adorable new year cards have me excited about the new year. Cheers!

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