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Over the weekend Japanese online retailer BUYMA launched a unique ad campaign that aired on Japanese television. A male and female dancer, naked except for socks, dance across a stage doing twirls, kicks and even lifts. Nudity laws would have prevented the segment from ever airing on TV if it weren’t for a series of carefully programmed “Kind Drones” that float around the dancers with white flags that censor what would be deemed as obscene.

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The clever ad campaign was produced by Dentsu and creative director Takashi Sakuma and, as Sankei News points out, was aired on Japanese television only once on December 13, 2015.

In a way, the ad campaign is an homage to the year 2015 because drones consistently made headlines in Japan. Memorable incidents include a drone landing on the roof of the Prime Minister’s residence, drone deregulation that would allow companies like Amazon to fly packages to customers and anti-drone police drones.

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