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Japan is, without a doubt, the king of fake food. Realistic food samples were originally developed as a way for restaurants to showcase their offerings without having to worry about decay. But the nation has excelled at deploying the concept to other creative applications as well like jewelry, belts and iphone cases. The latest offering comes in the form of flat, 2-dimensional bookmarks.

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Despite the flatness of the fake food, there was no compromise in realism. They come in 8 different varieties with each looking more lifelike than the next. It’s the perfect way to make people think you didn’t have a bookmark, so you decided to stick a slab of bacon, fried salmon or an egg in-between your pages like any normal person would do.

They’re sold through the quirky online shop Tokyo Kitsch and retail for between 1,080 yen and 1,620 yen, depending on the style. Unfortunately, they’re all sold out right now but if you’re interested, the company suggests you check their Twitter or Facebook account where they’ll announce when stock has been replenished.

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