Shunga were a form of traditional pornography in Japan, made by Ukiyo-e artists in the form of woodblock prints. They were often printed on small pages and booklets that people would carry around with them wherever they went. And for obvious reasons they’ve become somewhat obsolete, yet they remain an important part of Japan’s cultural and artistic history, not to mention a testament to the skill and craftwork involved in producing them.

Now, a fashion designer has appropriated some of the more iconic shunga prints and created an eye-catching yukata, one that will surely make for an interesting conversation-starter.

Fashion designer Natsuki Shigeta established her boutique Tsukikageya in 2001 and has been producing traditional Japanese attire with non-traditional patterns and motifs, as well as unconventional models. The shunga yukata really caught our eye but she’s got a lot of other great items inspired by pop culture but also Japanese subculture like yakuza and bosozoku.