Japanese Artist Megumi Igarashi Arrested for 3D Printed Artwork Based on Her Vagina

[UPDATE 5/9/2016] Megumi Igarashi was found guilty in court today for violating Japanese obscenity laws after distributing 3D data of her genitals. She was fined 400K yen (about $3700). She was, however, cleared of another charge relating to displaying a kayak modeled after her vagina.

Vaginal Art Megumi Igarashi

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested on Monday for sending 3D modeling data of her vagina. She’s accused of distribution of obscene material electronically, but has denied all charges saying “I do not acknowledge that (the work) is an obscenity.” A petition has already been set up to protest the charges, which represent a double-standard in a country which sanctions an annual penis festival and is also disturbingly behind by almost any international pornography standard.

Jon Stewart weighs in on the debate: “Japan, you arrested a woman for 3D-printing her vagina, but you gave dicks their own holiday”

To date, the 42-year old artist, who goes by the pseudonym rokudenashi-ko ( “good-for-nothing kid”) was most well known for a crowd-funded project to create a kayak based on 3D modeling data of her own vagina. In an interview last year Igarashi explained that the project was in response to her own self doubt. In a country where the female anatomy is “overly hidden,” she “did not know what a pussy should look like.”

vagina kayak by Megumi Igarashi

In order to demystify the vagina, Igarashi has embarked upon various other artworks she calls “Deco-Man.” “Man,” is short for the Japanese word that equates to vagina (manko) while “deco” is an abbreviation of “decorated.” “The goal is to make “pussy more casual and pop.”

Vaginal Art Megumi Igarashi

“Fukushiman” (2014). A vaginal miniature diorama of the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. It’s “taboo on top of taboo,” the artist explained.

Vaginal Art Megumi Igarashi

“Gundaman” (2014)

vaginal all-girl's school

a diorama of an all-girl’s school

vaginal iPhone covers

vaginal iPhone covers

Vaginal Art Megumi Igarashi

Vaginal battle-scene diorama “senjo-man”

aginal battle-scene diorama

Detail of vaginal battle-scene diorama “senjo-man”


Igarashi, posing with her very own kawaii mascot “manko-chan”


  1. And now we’ve heard of her. It’s all good.

  2. NOT a vagina. This is her labia. Good grief – dont be anatomically ignorant, please. No wonder we despair of people ever finding our clitorises (clitori?) if you can’t even get it right. A vagina is just a hole surrounded by muscle – so not 3D printable like this.

  3. Jasmine, not all the people will understand what are labia majora and labia minora. You cannot possibly expect everyone studied Anatomy. Please don’t act like you are some sort of genius. I bet you don’t even know what are the muscles and ligaments help to support the vagina and uterus without look it up on the internet.

  4. I agree that the word vagina is not the most accurate description, but it is the one most used (and misused) lately. The vagina is the internal organ. Therefore, I might suggest calling this part of the anatomy the vulva, which includes all the external parts.
    BTW, I LOVE that this Japanese woman is pushing the boundaries of the culture…. especially since they already have a penis festival…. LOL!

  5. @Jasmine — It’s not just her labia, it’s her Vulva.

  6. @Jasmine: If someone asks you where the church is, and you point to the doorway of the church, and say “it’s there”, only a very annoying person – whom nobody would want to have around – would correct you and say “actually, that’s the doorway to the church, not the church itself”.

  7. Japan is so much closer now. やんなさい yannasai!
    Merci Rokudenashiko

  8. Jasmine, you sound like you know your stuff. Want to get together sometime?

  9. Whats a clitoris ?

  10. The church doorway / vagina analogy is brilliant.

  11. “Vulva” is the correct word.

  12. @Nupuso except you’ve got it the wrong way round, because this is a case of someone calling a whole church “door”, even when they’re actually talking about the battlements and steeple.

  13. The boat is brilliant. I would like to ride in it then I could be the man in the boat.

  14. Sam, its like that button on the lawnmower to get it started.. only this time flooding is a good thing.

  15. @Philia,
    pointing out common-senses is Nothing genius at all.
    I d never study anatomy(okay, and I looked google to know what is “anatomy”)
    But to a Chinese guy I obvious learnt what a vagina is.
    it is the passage where males dick-heads stimulating ladies. am I right?

  16. as the creator of the (wondrous) vulva puppet, I applaud Megumi! more vulvas please.

  17. You’d get that boat (kayak) so wet! I appreciate everyone shutting down Jasmine. She had a point, but it was lost in her self-glorified approach!

  18. Wow, what a great artist, inspiring works and i love her kawai mascot.

    But I do want to note that Manga and drawing of CP is by no means “behind” international standards, but rather much much more progressive then the double standards of conservatives western countries.

  19. That penis festival had been traditionally celebrated for CENTURIES.


  20. Jizo, it doesn’t matter how old it is. The fact that there isn’t an equivalent vulva festival, and that female genitals are considered more vulgar in Japanese (and other) society, means that there definitely is a double standard.

  21. This is a vulva, not a vagina.

  22. actually you call it penis festival as it is known outside of Japan, but in Japan it is called fertility festival. I won’t argue on the difference between how japanese ppl see male and female anatomy because I don’t know enough about that. But I went to this festival last May, and it was clearly not about penis only. Of course the mobile shrine was a penis, but I think it is mostly because it is easier to see than a vulva. Because otherwise the shops and activities were about both sex.

  23. @Jasmine
    It’s clitorises. You’ll be fine.

  24. I prefer Yoni to Vagina, but the vagina can be considered more than just a hole surrounded by muscle. The labia minora and majora as well as the clitoris can be considered a part of the vagina.
    Jasmine, I hope this restores your hope in humanity.
    This art is wonderful

  25. you dirty switch, you’re on again

  26. Cannot believe that people in Japan will go around eating penis food and wearing penis hats and men stand openly in front of you at bookstores and gawk at vaginas all day long….and yet a benign sculpture of a vagina or a kayak that is vagina/vulva esque is suddenly arrestable? We have to hide our birth canals as if it is something to be ashamed of and we have to remain pure and chaste….and yet men view incredibly pornographic images behind closed doors and a artistic vagina scares them? It is called….keeping women in their place. I would start an uprising. This is unacceptable to punish this woman.

  27. This is just as bad as men who shun and harass women who breastfeed in public and yet behind closed doors or peepers on trains who try and look down your shirt are so happ They to exploit the female breast in that context making it super sexual and dirty to the point that showing a breast in public feels uncomfortable yet guys wave their dicks around in the public toilet and that is A OK. Well, probably not wave them around, but guys piss in front of one another. This just ticks me off so bad and women buy into it trying to please men with fake tits and the like. Geez women…stop trying to please men…stand up for your right to be a human being and let them suck it up. This is also just as bad as the notion that women would not get raped if they only dressed more conservatively. you could be ugly and wear a potato sack and still get raped because a man’s world is pure fantasy behind closed doors and that already fuels these violent acts along with seeing women as different somehow and or a hostility towards women. Some good men out there, but some very warped men out there who need to be told along with the women who support their attitudes, that they are not Eve’s creator.

  28. As others have pointed out it is a vulva, not a vagina or labia.

    It does not require someone to be a genius or to take anatomy to understand basic female anatomy – I would expect a child to know the term vulva, certainly by the time you’re an adult you should know the terms vulva and labia!

    The church doorway / vagina analogy is not brilliant, considering the meaning of the word vagina and the involvement of the vulva in sex it’s pretty damn offensive. We don’t call the lips on our face our throat, do we?

  29. Kanamara Matsuri, Giant Steel Penis´Party… Is in… JAPAN!

  30. Come on, this is not an anatomy or biology class. The artist describes her work as a 3D of her vagina, so that’s it! The point here is, a female in Japan decides to make a statement in a country where men nudity is accepted and female nudity is seen as pornographic. Living in Japan for over 10 years, I applaud her bravery! Lets give her our support (instead of meaningless criticism). Thanks.

  31. I wonder if she’s considered doing a diorama on fracking.

  32. Valla chochete tiene la japonesita

  33. So, why is this labeled NSFW, and the penis festival isn’t? Oops. Your sexism is showing.

  34. This is just way too funny, but think of the possibilities, throw a grill party with penis handled grill accessories, pin the tail on the clit, real knockers on the front door…woohoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  35. How anyone can POSSIBLY consider the human reproductive organs to be obscene is beyond me.

  36. Matthew Glennon

    July 16, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    The true tragedy is, in the US, this is still marked “NSFW”.

  37. I bet it wouldn’t be labeled obscene if it had an octopus coming out or going into it. Silly Japanese.

  38. lol wtf

  39. Does this woman create any art that doesn’t reference a vagina?

  40. Juliana Ormsby

    July 21, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    I have read other articles about this woman and understand what (in addition to her seeking notoriety) may have been her motivation. As a girl growing up in the US in the 1950’s, I had no clue about female anatomy. My mom, influenced by her and my dad’s immigrant parents, taught us that we call that area our “garbage.” Perception: Something stinky and ugly that must be covered. So many women, particularly from my era, wonder if there is such thing as a ‘perfect’ (vagina;vulva;blah,blah)

    Some women fear their opening is too large; their lips are too long; the color is wrong. This has led to the very lucrative ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ business. Here in Miami Beach, they advertise that operation on the radio. Just check the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics on the Internet. They are not considered pornographic but medical. I read that megumi-igarashi underwent vaginal reconstruction. One of the reasons we have such a thriving business for body alteration in Miami is that we are right up there with the world’s capitals of pornography. When a camera has to do a close-up shot of a woman’s ‘private parts’ the porn bosses want to see a ‘Barbie taco.’

  41. I would have thought Japan would be less hung up on “decency” than the USA.

  42. I am not ignorant of the female anatomy. In fact, i have an advanced degree on the subject. I have a major in labia and a minor in labia.

  43. Nupuso: It’s definitely the doorway to my church!

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