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Looking for artisanal soy sauce? Let Kayanoya “shoyu” the way to their new flagship store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. After diligently crafting Japan’s most beloved condiment for over 120 years in Fukuoka, the long-established company has launched a campaign to expand and bring their seasoned soy sauce to a broader audience.

The interior “is a reproduction of their traditional warehouse which we visited in Kyushu,” says Kengo Kuma, who designed the space. Barrels used for traditional soy sauce-making hang from the ceiling and special wooden trays (known as koji buta) that are also used in the manufacturing process are used as display shelves. They are all assembled by local craftsmen and then brought up to Tokyo to create a sophisticated, unique shop that feels ripe with authenticity.

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The new shop, which is located in the Coredo Muromachi retail complex, represent s the first phase of a new growth strategy for the company, which has its eyes set on Japan but also abroad. In a recent interview the CEO revealed plans to open their first overseas store within the next 3 years. It was initially supposed to be in New York but they decided on Paris instead, citing the French capital as being more open toward Japanese food and culture.

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source: Sankei Biz | Kengo Kuma