The Kids Design Award 2008 was back for a second year, helping to promote creative, aesthetic and safe design for kids. The winners were announced last month but these are my favorites.

The “fun fan table manners set” creates a fun atmosphere for kids while establishing a subtle guide to table manners. The pieces are made out of bamboo, an eco-conscious choice to preserve our trees and forests. You can purchase one in Japan from Isetan Department Store (about 20,000 yen) or order one directly through the company.


Garbage bag art work,” designed by MAQ Inc., helps promote the understanding that if there isn’t a garbage can around we need to take our trash home with us, instead of littering. I thought loops as bunny ears was absolutely brilliant. And depending on how you stuff the bag and tie the knot the result is a different looking bunny each time! Lots more pictures HERE. Also available for purchase (300~500 yen) on Amazon Japan.

The Oscar the Grouch was designed by Japanese musician and illustrator Lily Franky in collaboration with Sesame Street Japan. They were used in the Eco Kids Project to promote environmental awareness.