Fans of “Kiki’s Delivery Service” will be delighted to learn that a new museum dedicated to children’s book author Eiko Kadono will open in Tokyo. Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, the three-story Kiki’s Museum of Literature will be located inside Nagisa Park, which is situated in the Edogawa district of Tokyo, known as the author’s home.


“Kiki’s Delivery Service” was made popular by the Studio Ghibli film adaptation in 1989. Lesser known is that it was actually based on a children’s book by Eiko Kadono. And even lesser known is that Kadono wrote 8 sequels to Kiki, part of a treasure trove of nearly 200 books mainly written for children. The new museum, which is opening on November 3, 2023, is a spectacular way to discover all the other wonderful work that Kadono has produced.

Approaching the hilltop museum in Nagisa Park, the first thing visitors will notice is the unique “flower roof” inspired by a blossoming flower. But don’t let the white exterior fool you, inside is a strawberry-colored world modeled after the seaside town of Koriko where Kiki settles as a witch-in-training.

The first floor is the Koriko town and bookshelves filled with Kadono’s own titles, but also books that have inspired her along her journey that she personally selected to share with children. There is also an animation theater appropriately titled Jiji’s Theater.

On the 2nd floor is an additional library space, an outdoor reading terrace, a gallery that will have rotating exhibitions as well as a studio modeled after the author’s own workspace where you will find replicas of many personal belongings collected over her lifetime.

The third floor has a cafe space where fun snacks and desserts await. And the lawn surrounding the museum serves as an additional lounging or reading area, weather permitting. Sounds like Tokyo just got an awesome new play-date spot.

Kiki’s Museum of Literature
Hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm
General admission: 700 yen (advanced tickets required)
Location: Nagisa Park, Tokyo (map)
Closed Tuesdays and New Year holidays