You know all those cute paper bags that you keep stockpiling because they’re too pretty to throw away and you’re definitely going to find a use for them some day? Well now you actually can, thanks to Kimochi no Katachi, a set of acrylic template rulers that allow you to easily cut a fold a paper bag into card holders, business card cases or snack pouches.

The ruler templates–each made from recycled acrylic themselves–are shaped like animals with each corresponding to a different end-product. The elephant template yields a pouch for snacks while the fish creates a business card holder.

The idea was born from a collaboration between Ito Design Studio and Plastics. The former design studio often works in paper while the latter manufacturer creates acrylic products. The two firms came together, united by the amount of waste both create, and attempted to create a solution that would mitigate some of the waste while also bringing fun and joy to users.

Although the product is still being rolled out and not widely available, initial plans are to sell them at Papier Tiger in Tokyo and then later through the design studio’s online shop. You can find instructions on the website and there are also some helpful tutorials on their Instagram account.