Coworking Space in Kinosaki Onsen Encourages Users to Take Bath Breaks

Photo: Madoka Nishiyama courtesy KIAC

This might very well be the coworking space of our dreams. The Kinosaki International Art Center (KIAC) is a multipurpose community center located in Kinosaki Onsen, a quaint town on the coast of Japan that’s known for their natural hot springs. In addition to a theater, dance studios and residences, KIAC recently opened a coworking space equipped with everything your contemporary remote worker needs. What’s more, their desks are specifically designed to encourage users to take bath breaks at one of the many nearby hot springs.


Photos: Mitsuyuki Nakajima courtesy Schemata Architects

“We designed desks with zippered covers so that the desktops serve as lockers to store personal belongings while the guest takes a bath,” explains Jo Nagasaka, the architect who was tasked with creating this unique coworking space for remote workers who also love baths.

The architects goes on to explain that Kinosaki Onsen is relatively difficult to access, diminishing its popularity as weekend getaway because of the time it takes to travel there. But with the establishment of this coworking space, remote workers can travel here and then work throughout the week while also taking advantage of the many hot springs within walking distance.

Below are just a few of the many options…

Kinosaki Goshono-yu (御所の湯)

Goshono-yu was built in the likeness of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace. The foyer and lounge area are decorated with beautifully painted screens and the panels of the high ceiling are painted with Japanese flowers.
Large and impressive Japanese Cypress beams hold up the bath area’s expansive glass ceiling and floor to ceiling windows.

Kouno-yu (鴻の湯)

While more modest than Goshono-yu, Kouno-yu offers a quiet bathing sanctuary, set away from the busy streets in the back of the town. Relax in the outdoor bath surrounded by lush natural surroundings and fresh air.


  1. How many of the onsens at Kinosaki are tattoo friendly? I feel like the further out from a major city like Tokyo or Osaka, the onsens are still not open to having folks with tattoos.

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