All images © Iwami Ginzan Library

Situated in Omori-cho, Ota City, Shimane Prefecture, the Iwami Ginzan Town Library Cafe and Co-working Space offers a unique fusion of a relaxed library atmosphere and modern amenities. It is housed within a former merchant’s residence on the main street of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape.


Operating Thursday to Sunday from April to November, this community-oriented establishment is beyond a mere library. It’s a place where locals, residents, and tourists converge. Run primarily by students, it exudes a relaxed atmosphere, inviting you to explore its book collection, carefully curated around the theme of books that have profoundly impacted the lives of Shimane Prefectural University students.

The library’s design pays homage to its mining heritage, featuring bookshelves ingeniously crafted to mimic mining haulageway ruins. A shallow courtyard pool adds to the tranquil atmosphere.

The facility surprises with its dual identity. Amidst the shelves, a cozy café awaits, offering not only beverages but also the opportunity to halve co-working space fees by purchasing café products.

A rarity in Iwami Ginzan, the indoors cater to those seeking respite, especially valuable given the infrequent bus schedules. This space is offering a chance to unwind in a region known for its outdoor excursions, blurring the boundaries between reading, working, and savoring life. Here is the exact location of the library. They also post periodic updates on their Instagram account.