Kokuyo Milikeshi Eraser

kokuyo kadokeshi
Kokuyo’s Kadokeshi by Hideo Kanbara

Speaking of Hideo Kanbara, his Kadokeshi eraser (above) – a Kokuyo Design Award nominee of 2002 and a subsequent hit product in stationary stores across Japan (not to mention an induction into MoMA’s permanent collection) – has recently been incarnated into Milikeshi, Kokuyo’s latest innovative eraser. Milikeshi, which derives its name from millimeter and keshi (erase) went on sale May 13th.

kokuyo milikeshi
Kokuyo’s Milikeshi by Yuji Baba

Standing on the shoulders of its predecessor, the Milikeshi – designed by 72-year old visual designer Yuji Baba – boasts 5 different edges that each offer a specific width (6mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm and a point) to sync with any type of notebook.

kokuyo milikeshi example 1

As an added bonus, as soon as the edges wear down a slice can be detached, revealing brand-new sharp edges. The best part? The detached slice looks like a ninja shuriken.

kokuyo milikeshi example 2

The only problem is, I can’t remember the last time I used an eraser. And with the iPad hitting shelves in Japan later this month it will be interesting to see how sales face up to those of its ancestor. According to the company, the Kadokeshi, which went on sale in May of 2003, sold over 1 million units in its first year.




  1. I want one NOW

  2. コクヨといえばこれおもしろいなぁ~ ミリ消し。

  3. i have some of those kadokeshi and they're great. Just a word about the name: kado means corner and keishi means erase, and is short for “keshi gomu” which means eraser. Also miri is Japanese for millimeter, so that one is “mirikeshi”

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