Kur Park Nagayu: a new hot spring park designed by Shigeru Ban

Oita in Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island, is often hailed as the “onsen prefecture” of the country. Its mountainous terrain and underground discharges makes it home to many mineral-rich, natural hot springs. Just last month, a new hot spring park called Kur Park Nagayu opened. With hot springs, lodging and a restaurant, they combine soaking eating and sleeping (our three favorite activities) all in one.

Having opened on June 2, 2019, Kur Park Nagayu borrows from the German word kur, meaning cure or treatment. The site was designed by renown architect Shigeru Ban (previously) who used his signature style of wood and recycled cardboard tubes to create a series of spaces that consist of hot springs, a restaurant and accommodations.

The main bath is split between 2 levels, offering both traditional hot springs where you bath naked, but also a more foreigner-friendly hot spring you can enter with a bathing suit. Beyond that is 50-meter (164 ft) long walkable hot spring that is perfect for rehabilitation and treating injuries. Built along the Seri River, each hot spring affords stunning views of the mountains and river. And those choosing to stay longer have that option too. Cottages and an on-site restaurant offering local fare means you can relax and take in everything Kur Park Nagayu has to offer.

Kur Park Nagayu
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changing rooms are available before proceeding into the main 2 baths
the 50-meter walkable hot spring runs along the Seri River
the restaurant
individual huts offer accommodations for visitors wishing to prolong their stay