“Kurkku Fields” | photo by Yurika Kono courtesy Fujiwalabo

Located an hour from Tokyo in the wilderness of Chiba is Kurkku Fields, a vast, 74-acre sustainable farm that combines elements of ethical farming and food, art and nature. You can visit for a day or stay for a weekend and enjoy fresh, delicious produce, admire art, and learn about sustainable living.


“Kurkku Fields” | photo by Yurika Kono courtesy Fujiwalabo

Thirteen years in the making, Kurkku Fields was founded by Takeshi Kobayashi, a Japanese music producer also known as a social activist and philanthropist. Kobayashi worked with architect Teppei Fujiwara to develop the overall plan for the farm, as well as numerous designers and artists to complete the eco-friendly initiative which includes public art, lodging facilities, library, bakery, farm-to-table restaurant, and much more.

Our entire approach was aiming for the unification of multiple resources, as a way, to create a place that can be considered an experimental site for a future society.

Teppei Fujiwara

General admission is 800 yen but for those looking for a more intimate experience the arm also offers overnights stays (more on that below) that include breakfast and start at 13,480 yen. There’s something for everyone young and old so if you’re considering a day-trip from Tokyo, definitely add Kurkku Fields to your list. You can also check out some of our other favorite day-trips.

Below are just a few of the many things to enjoy while on the farm.

Kurkku Fields dining hall | photo by Yurika Kono courtesy Fujiwalabo

Kurkku Fields bakery and milk stand | photo by Yurika Kono courtesy Fujiwalabo


Public Art

When you’re not exploring the edible garden or taking a pizza workshop, you can tour the art installations at the farm, which include works by Yayoi Kusama, Camille Henrot, Sebastian Masuda and Chim↑Pom.

Underground Library

One of the latest additions to Kurkku Fields is the underground library, which opened in February 2023. Designed by architect Hiroshi Nakamura, the space transforms visitors into bookworms as they burrow into the underground reading nooks and envelop themselves in books, trees and grass. Located in the middle of Kurkku Fields, the library is home to roughly 3,000 books on nature and agriculture that connect poetry, philosophy, history, religion, science, and economics. 

Cocoon Lodging Facilities

The Villa Cocoon lodging facilities sit atop a hill and look over the Kurkku Fields. Designed by architecture and furniture studio Ikken, the guest rooms are connected to a kitchen lounge, a restaurant, and a sauna hut. Guests are encouraged to forage and cook using ingredients from the farm but of course also have the option of eating in the cafe or restaurant.

cocoon lodging facilities | photos courtesy Ikken