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I’ve been mildly obsessed with strips recently so you’ll understand why this fantastic idea caught my eye. SPREAD, a creative team set up by Hirokazu Kobayashi and Haruna Yamada, launched a project called Life Stripe in which they assign a single color with certain daily activities and express a 24-hour day using different color bands.

The project, which is now in its 6th year, has received roughly 15,000 Life Stripes from a wide cross-section of society including a pregnant woman, a baby, a taxi driver, a private detective and on Okapi. 114 different Life Stripes will be on display through August 7th at Traumaris Space, located inside NADiff in Shibuya.

Life Stripe
Traumaris Space [NADiff 3F] (Gmap)
07.14.2011 – 08.07
16:00-24:00 (Sundays 14:00-22:00; closed Mondays)