Mapping Creative Projects from the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

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It’s been almost 17 years since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. It’s been 241 days since the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. At this very moment in time there are groups and individuals in the creative industry racking their brains, trying to come up with ways they can help. This is a project to aid that process, states SPREAD, the design duo who originally came up with the idea for the timeline mapping project. Divided into 3 sections – art, design and architecture – the website is essentially a massive infographic that maps every single creative project whose objective was to assist those in need after the Hanshin Earthquake. We can surely learn from what was done in the past and use that data to form our current understanding of what is necessary.

Isaac Newton said it best – “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

source: SPREAD’s blog

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  1. I thought you might be interested in Penny Leaver Green’s work for the Fukushima sunflower project and also her Tsunami embroideries. Scroll throught the first five or so pages of her blog, I think you’ll like it:

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