Living in a gap | ondesign’s latest residential project pushes the boundaries of small spaces

Photos by Ikunori Yamamoto | click to enlarge

Deep within Bunkyo-ku, one of the more densely populated wards, even by Tokyo standards, lies ondesign’s latest residential project. Lead architect Osamu Nishida, along with partner Naoko Mangyoku, erected – in what could easily be written off as a slightly larger-than-normal crack between 2 houses – another actual house. The plot of land measured just 9-tsubo (about 300 sq ft) and could be best described as, well, a gap.

But in that gap, and in their typical non-conventional style, the team succeeded in erecting a house that, while narrow, somehow manages to meet all the criteria of a comfortable living space. It was completed last month but if you’re curious as to the process leading up to completion, and how exactly they squeezed this tiny house in, check out their blog.

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Source: ondesign website


  1. Wonder how (or if at all) the sunlight gets in the house.

  2. @Rob you can see the windows in the pictures, right?

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