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Osamu Nishida and Takanori Ineyama of OnDesign Partners recently completed a private residence in Kanagawa, Japan titled A House and a Vacant Lot. Taking their clients’ request to heart, they set about designing a space where the husband and wife could separate their contrasting hobbies of surfing and piano, respectively. The result is literally 2 homes, resembling a dollhouse split in two, separated by an (indoor) vacant lot with a vaulted ceiling.

view of the “musician’s home”

opposing view of the “surfer’s home”

The industrial ladder used in the “surfer’s home” is not temporary. It’s here to stay. Not only were the measurements a perfect fit but the owners liked the contrast it provided against the wood.

The architectural model that was on display during the open house provides a nice visual as to how the home is structured.

source: japan-architects