Lorimoto: a new gallery space in Ridgewood by Lori Kirkbride and Nao Matsumoto

lorimoto_largeHusband and wife artist duo Lori Kirkbride and Nao Matsumoto just launched a kickstarter campaign to get their new gallery space up and running. It’s a former knitting factory located in Ridgewood, Queens and they’re trying to have it ready to coincide with the Bushwick Open Studios event (May 31 – June 2) but need one final push to make it happen.

There is some great art being given away to backers including Matsumoto’s middle finger protest candles and a colorful slice of Kirkbride’s “Piece of Cake.”


Above: before and after shots of the new lorimoto gallery

Last year we visited Nao Matsumoto in his Brooklyn studio.

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  1. Bill and Sharon Allen

    April 2, 2013 at 7:00 am

    Good luck on your new gallery. You may remember we purchased one of your abstract paintings while you were working at ZCC. We live in McConnelsville and are friends of Carl Price. Good luck to you!

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