The design community continues to rally in support for victims of the 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami. Local resident and architect Shigeru Ban recently announced that he was accepting donations towards his partitioning system, a low-cost, highly effective system than can be deployed to provide basic insulation and privacy amongst families who have lost their homes.

With an estimated 400,000 displaced, the temporary housing solution is a simple yet significant change that can help families, who traditionally maintain thin neighborly relations and high levels of privacy, live their lives a bit more normally.

You can donate by going to his website where you will find all the necessary information to wire money to their bank account in Tokyo.

Shigeru Ban is known for swiftly reacting in times of need, proposing architectural solutions to meet the demand for low-cost temporary housing. His plans have been deployed during the Great Hanshin earthquake of ’95, The Fukuoka earthquake of ’05 and the Haiti earthquake of ’10.