Ah, it’s Friday. Nothing like finishing off the week with some good old apartment envy. The New York Times gave us a sneak peak of art dealer –  the necessary evil of the fine arts – Marianne Boesky’s apartment (which is oh so conveniently located an elevator ride away from her Manhattan gallery). Now, normally I would be oohing and ahhhing but to tell you the truth I was a bit disappointed. I’m really at loss for words here but the obvious effort to replace conventional furniture with “art objects” isn’t really working for me. I guess I prefer my art in a gallery of museum…although one could argue that her home is a gallery.


The Living Room
A painting by Yoshitomo Nara
Yves Klein’s ”Table Rose”
a Maison Jansen chair


The Project Room
Nara figures
light-box-mounted photograph by Thomas Flechtner


The Powder Room
 “Woods” wall paper from Cole & Sons. This is probably one of the only things us common folk can afford so here is a link! 


The (2nd?) Living Room

Adam Helms’s  ”4 Untitled Portraits”
Paula Hayes’s  terrariums on the dining table (see it? all the way in the background!)