I completely forgot to mention one of the most exciting things about my trip to Japan last month. I checked out The National Art Center in Roppongi.

Designed by the well-known architect Kisho Kurokawa, the museum opened in January of 2007. The “within the woods” theme is well communicated in the building’s organic-shaped exterior that reminds one of the rolling hills and mountains that are so prevalent in Japan.

The logo was designed by artistic director Sato Kashiwa (known in NY as being responsible for the brash designs of UNI-QLO’s SOHO shop).

The museum also boasts a Moma Store-equivalent, except their souvenir shop is curated by hip Japanese design studio Cibone. Anyway, this post is about the museum so lets take a look at some pictures!

The facade. Quite exquisite at night…

Salon de The Rond. A cafe that sits atop the oval surface (hence the name “Rond” or round) on a gigantic cone-looking structure. Impressive. 

The Library

Photos: daiji kemmochi

What I found interesting about the museum was the choice of furniture because whoever was responsible was certainly a die-hard fan of Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner. His chairs can be found all over the place!

1F East Atrium – The Shell Chair (1963)

1F West Atrium – The Easy Chair (1950)

3F Library – The Elbow Chair (1956)

2F Salon de The Rond – Wishbone Chair (Y Chair) (1949)

So this museum is very multi-purpose. You can go there an enjoy their extensive book collection in the library, enjoy some classic Danish furniture, and immerse yourself in fine art all at the same time!