I’m liking all these regional artists and designers because my posts are usually very Tokyo-centric. So it’s been incredibly fun to discover talent outside of the big metropolis. Masayoshi Suzuki Gallery, who made a showing at Nagoya Design Week, represents artists based in the Nagoya area who have adapted natural objects as their primary media, or who derive inspiration from nature. I love all these organic-looking shapes that are largely abstract but possess a warm familiarity.

“fruits, root or head” and “untitled” (2008) by Yoshinobu Nakagawa.
Made from wood, cotton, bamboo, acrylic, cowhide and beeswax.

“Anatama” and “Kinotama” (2008) by Toru Matsuoka
Made from paper and wood

Works from the series, “Inside Passage – Raven Steals the Light” (2005) by Goro Hirata
Very Spiral Jettyish

“will come/won’t come,” “27 years old” and “shuffle book” (2009) by Manya Kato, the one artist who seems to deviate towards the realm of conceptual art. Also the only one who has his own website.