Odd Internet Animal Photos Sculpted into Miniature 3D Figurines

The Internet is teeming with animals. Photos of animals that is, many of which rise to meme-level stardom. Some make us chuckle or gush, others puzzle us. But for one Japanese sculptor who goes by the name meetissai, they stoke his creative juices, pushing him to render these animals into miniature 3D figurines.

Mirror cat

Meetissai sculpts his miniature animals based on viral photos from the Internet, but with a level of precision and detail that rivals artists and artisans. The photos, many of which feature cats (you know, because this is the Internet), often capture odd, surreal moments which are transformed into three-dimensional form after being rendered through the sculptor’s own imagination.

They are then posted to the sculptor’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, along with the original photo, which is attributed (when possible) to the original author. Meetissai also recently published a book of works, which is available from Amazon Japan.


Weatherman Cat

Melting Panda

Buff Dog

The Heavenly Nap

Frisbee Doge

Trash Bin Cat

Stop Right There Squirrel

Quarantine Cat

Cat Bending Over

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  1. Those fanciful Japanese artists! Love the Alien cat and The Heavenly Nap! Now I am seeing a whole ‘other side’ of my cat! Thank you!

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