Toki: a 3D-Printed Zoetrope That Captures Time and Movement

akinori goto toki zoetrope

In 2015, a young media artist named Akinori Goto created a fascinating device called toki, meaning “time” in Japanese. Goto explained that it was “a media installation born from a combination of modern technologies:” the age-old zoetrope meets 3D printing technology.

Goto captured the movement of a person walking and translated it into a data series, which was then turned into a repeating loop. The result was then fed into a 3D printer. That object was then placed on a rotating turntable and a light was projected onto it to isolate the different movements and….you know what, better to just watch the video.

At the time, Goto’s creation was a finalist at the 2015 YouFab Global Creative Awards. “The form of the overall object is architectural – it creates its own environment that is further animated by light and shadow,” noted one of the judges. But it failed to win any major award. This year though, Goto was back with an upgraded version of his zoetrope that captured the dancing movements of a person.

He presented his creation at the SICF in May where, according to Tokyo ArtBeat, it won Runner Up Grand Prixe and the Audience Award. It really is quite mesmerizing.

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  1. WOW! completely outside of what I expected! Love it.

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