Japan’s Metabolism architecture movement is all the rage this year. Below is an amazing poster circa 1972, designed by Kisho Kurokawa, one of the founders and leading proponents of the movement itself.

image courtesy Mori Art Museum | click to enlarge (recommended)

Here are some Metabolism-related events and publications that have been happening so far:

: “House Inside City Outside House: Tokyo Metabolizing” at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery. 07.16.2011 – 10.02 [Reviewed HERE]

: “Metabolism, the City of the Future” at Mori Art Museum. 09.17.2011 – 01.15.2012 [Reviewed HERE (TAB) and HERE (JapanTimes)]

: Nakagin Capsule Tower Building unit on display in Roppongi Hills

Publication:Project Japan, Metabolism Talks…” Taschen Books. Published on 10.28.2011

hat tip to @ArtSpaceTokyo