The Passing on Project is a collaboration between architect Makoto Tanijiri, lighting designer Izumi Okayasu and media producer Yahoko Sasao. At Milano Salone this year the trio created an interactive installation titled Turn Light Into Delight. Visitors select an acrylic block before entering a make-shift tea house surrounded by water. The LED blocks respond to the water, lighting up as soon as they are placed. As if it’s living and breathing, the evolving piece grows and changes as visitors create new light.

photo by Makoto Tanijiri

unless otherwise noted all photos courtesy Passing On Project

Makoto Tanijiri is one of Japan’s most sought-after architects right now. Not only has he recently made TV appearances but his book, released in March of 2012, is already in its 2nd printing. You can read all our stories on the architect here.

Supported by Toshiba, the installation was in response to last year’s earthquake and tsunami in which many lights were lost. The designers wanted to create an experience in which visitors could use light to pass on something to others.

UPDATE [4.23.2012] Makoto Tanijiri’s installation has won a 2012  Elita Design Award in Milan.

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Source: @tanijirimakoto | Passing on Project (FB page)