Milano Salone 2013: a portable fireplace to bring people together

faro fireplace rui pereira ryosuke fukusada 1

In addition to their cork bathroom fixtures, designer duo designer duo Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira have designed “faro,” a portable fireplace in response to increasingly high-tech world. “The proliferation of PCs and smartphones has created wider chasms around the individual,” says Fukusada. “Places for people to come together and communicate are becoming more and more rare.” By redesigning an object that, since the beginning of time, has brought people together, the designers hope to reignite the flame of face-to-face communication.

Modeled after a traditional wood-stove, the ethanol stove was developed in collaboration with Eco Smart Inc. so that it can safely be used indoors. But it also has the flexibility to be moved outdoors and loaded with firewood.

faro fireplace rui pereira ryosuke fukusada 2

faro fireplace rui pereira ryosuke fukusada 3

This post is part of our review of the 2013 Milano Salone del Mobile. All posts are cataloged right here.


  1. Nice one…. so where in the UK can I buy one of them and how much are they?

    • @lampie – it usually takes a while for the stuff at these fairs to become available to the public. For pricing we’ll have to wait and see.

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