Milky Way | the deathly sculptures of Mihoko Ogaki


In her series “Milky Way” Japanese sculptor Mihoko Ogaki creates eerie, figurative sculptures made from Fibre-reinforced plastic. The pieces, whose postures indicate they are either on their death bed, or very close, are punctured with thousands of holes and then embedded with powerful LED lights, creating an effect much like the one you get from a planetarium.

Ogaki is no stranger to morbid themes, having analyzed the topic greatly in previous work. however, this latest series is very much about life and the living individual. It is also the first time in her work that she uses the image of a human being. Life itself appears to radiate from the sculpture, which at times almost appears to be a deity that holds the universe within it.





Born in Japan, Ogaki went to art school in Japan. After graduating she moved to Germany where she spent over 10 years. In 2010 she returned to Japan and is currently based in Toride (Ibaraki prefecture).

Ogaki’s work was most recently on display at “Arte Fiera Bologna 2013” earlier this year.


source: colossal


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