Keita Akiyama envisions what acoustic plants might look like

acousticbotany1-19all images courtesy keita akiyama

Keita Akiyama is a 25-year old in-house product designer at a kitchen utensil manufacturer. But he’s also a member of the Denka Bijutsu (literally, electronic art) collective where, among other things, he envisions and creates beautiful drawings of fictitious plants. But not just any plants.

“What if there existed, someplace in this world, acoustic plants? Why would they make sounds? How would they make sounds? And what would they sound like?” With those questions and a vast imagination he created his series, “Sound Flora.”





If you know me at all you know I love seeing process shots and sketches. And Akiyama has a great blog where he posts about how he goes on nature walks, documents his findings, and then comes up with ideas.

His work is currently on display at the Bio Media Art show through March 24, 2013.

acousticbotany sketch


acousticbotany process


  1. Wonderful works!

  2. nice drawings, not as convincing as the original acoustic botany though – Keita should re-title to avoid confusion!

  3. Might want to change the name, its too close to the original project by David Benque called Acoustic Botany

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