Minami Aoyama M House by Takeshi Hirobe Architects

click images to enlarge | photos by Koichi Torimura

Completed in 2010 by Takeshi Hirobe Architects, M House, located in the Minami Aoyama district of Tokyo, looks like a fortress but within is actually an enchanting structure of light, geometry and economics.

left: at the entryway, visitors are greeted by a flood of light from the octagonal staircase. | right: the courtyard

the 1st floor bedroom opens up to the courtyard and spot garden

translucent stairs help disperse light that enters in through a skylight

City living, from an architectural perspective, is constantly imposed by 2 propositions. First is working, and proposing solutions, within the confines of a strict environment that is city space. Second, which is perhaps on the forefront of the minds of clients, is the economics of taking full advantage of the given site considering how expensive land in the city is.

The diagonal walls, the windows & skylights and the courtyards, all  comply with the needs of city life. While maintaining privacy and extracting the full potential of the given site, the home also invites the outdoors, in. Residents are clearly reminded of rain falling from the sky, and of the changes in sunlight from dawn till dusk.

Koichi Torimura


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