all photos courtesy ticktackart

Hisashi Ito is the 2nd generation owner of Megane Tokei Ito, a small shop in Saga prefecture that specializes in the sales and repairs of watches and glasses. An optometrist by trade, Ito spends his time spare time toying with spare parts, upcycling them into miniature sculptures of animals and insects.

The idea of using leftover parts for a creative outlet came to him in 2015 when Ito was rearranging the look and feel of his shop. Artwork, he thought, might help him differentiate his shop from competitors. So Ito began building sculptures. And so far he’s molded over 70 creations from old watch and clock parts.

Ito posts his creations to an Instagram account. If you’re in Saga prefecture, you can also visit the shop to see the sculptures in person.