All images © Atelier Air Flo Nukasawa courtesy of Harema Design Office

At the crossroads of childcare and dining, ‘Mirai no Table‘ (Table of the Future) is a café conceived from the dual perspectives by Harema Design Office.

The café embodies the idea that our food choices shape our future. By combining the expertise of the Sakura Sakumirai daycare center and Pan to Espresso bakery cafe, it strives to create a secure and enjoyable dining space for families. Services like warming baby food and reheating dishes ensure that parents with young children can dine without any worries.


The design caters to the desires of both children and adults, recognizing that children seek excitement, playfulness, and curiosity while parents are inclined towards safety, relaxation, and delectable cuisine. To achieve this, and make the most of its unique location—facing the approach to the Fukagawa Fudoson temple and Fukagawa Park—the café has introduced a captivating element – the ‘Tunnel’ connecting the temple approach and the park.

This tunnel offers a sense of brightness akin to the entrance of a cave, a scale reminiscent of hidden alleyways, and a tranquility and sense of secrecy akin to park pipelines. Within this tunnel, a multitude of surprises awaits, including bread shelves, display cases, openings to peek into the bread-making process, and, at the tunnel’s end, a secret space accessible only to children. These features create an environment that ignites excitement in both children and adults.

Emerging from the tunnel, visitors step into an open, well-lit dining area that seamlessly integrates with Fukagawa Park. The park is viewed as an expansive “Kids’ Play Zone,” and the café capitalizes on this by offering terrace seating facing the park and large openings that allow adults to dine while keeping an eye on their children’s activities. The terrace seating area is equipped with movable canopies to adapt to various weather conditions.

The façade design extends the tunnel’s ambiance, with benches drawing people indoors and doubling as furniture to complement the limited seating.

This place warmly welcomes parents with baby strollers and offers convenient takeout options for those on the move. It offers inventive dishes such as child-friendly steamed buns and open-faced fruit sandwiches, designed with both taste and ease of consumption in mind.

Sakura Sakumirai x Pan to Espresso has created a café where the expectations of both parents and children find fulfillment, making it a destination for families seeking not just a meal but a relaxing experience.

Mirai No Table
1 Chome-14-5 Tomioka, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0047, Japan (Google Maps)